All engineering aspirants are usually interested in the latest innovations and technologies. Thus, if you love technology, engineering is a good option for you.

Students are also encouraged to pursue their hobbies and extra-curricular activities in order to not miss out on overall development. In short, the students do not have to search for opportunities; the IITs present them with such breaks every other day. The concept of IITs was initiated just before the independence of our country with the aim to produce successful technologists who would contribute towards the development of our nation.

The brilliance of Nucleus IIT Academy lies within the experience of our Directors which collectively sums up to more than 2 decades and the overall curriculum is prepared under the guidance of our Directors. Preparation of JEE (Mains+Advanced) is a collective of many components, which are all strategically placed in such a way that students can get ample of time for self-study & revision. Stratagical planning of course completion also covers central & regional board preparation to make the child winner in every academic aspect. Our esteemed & experienced faculties provide a rich academic experience & motivation to the students. The rigorous test planning is done according to the latest pattern and conducted to push the JEE aspirants beyond their comfort zone & prepare them to face tough situation and cut throat competition.

All the practices conclude on giving student a sense of competitive environment & giving them first hand feel to further develop their problem solving skills & to excel their performance. Performance report of every test & collective tests is provided to parents/guardians & students to analyse their performance, the report comprises of topic wise strengths, weaknesses in the institute which gives them clear idea of their knowledge grasping.