Risabh Jain

Chemistry Mentor 20 Yrs of Experience [ Ex Faculty of ALLEN, IITian's Pace, Resonance] He is renowned name in th field of IIT-JEE preparation for the last 17 yrs. His dedication & passion for teaching reflects in results of students. His care knowledge of the subject assists them to acheive their targets.

Chirag Agrawal

Mathmatics Mentor 13 Yrs of Experience [Ex.Faculty of ALLEN, IITian's Pace, Bansal] A well-read person of a very wide range, gentling leading the students through the complexities of Mathematics. A very result oriented teacher with problem solving skills, he bestows quality education upon his students.

Mahtab Alam

Physics Mentor 9 Yrs of Exprience [ Ex. Faculty of ALLEN] With the consistency to provide education, he aspires to drive maximum from th aspirants. Well known among both the students and parents for his lucid manner of teaching Physics by making it very interesting and asy tolearn.

Rizwan Sir

Mathematics Mentor 11 Yrs. of Exprience [ Ex. Faculty of FIIT JEE ] Empowering studnets to their highest potential, he is a Friend, Philospher and Guide to those who se it. With the sound knowldege of Mathematics he is known to provide the right guidance and effective learning leading to great results.